Florida man accuses dog of shooting girlfriend in leg

A dog in Florida was accused this week of accidentally shooting a sleeping woman in the leg.

The woman’s boyfriend fingered Diesel the dog after deputies went to a home in Jacksonville Tuesday night to investigate.

Fox 30 Jacksonville reports that Brian Murphy told deputies his girlfriend was sleeping when he took Diesel for a late night walk. He said when they returned he saw a flash and heard a bang.

Murphy told deputies the gun accidentally went off when Diesel jumped on the nightstand where he had left the weapon.

The victim, who wasn't identified, was hurt slightly. She told deputies she woke up to throbbing pain and doesn't know what happened.

The station said Murphy and the girlfriend didn’t want to talk.

The police report didn’t state Diesel’s breed or his size.

A neighbor told the station that she was suspicious. “A dog can’t fire a gun,” Dianna Fay said. “That’s crazy.”