Florida Great White shark first ever captured, tagged for research

Researchers in Florida for the first time have captured and tagged a great white shark that they will be able to track using satellites.

The scientific group Ocearch captured a 14-foot long, 2,000-pound shark off the coast of Jacksonville Sunday, taking blood and tissue samples before releasing it, Fox 13 News reports.

Researchers installed four tracking devices that will allow the group to keep tabs on the shark’s whereabouts. They hope to learn more about the sharks and their mating habits to help protect the species' future.

"We don't know exactly when and where they mate or where their nursery is, those areas where they're vulnerable," Dr. Nick Whitney, of Ocearch, told Fox 13 News. So we have to solve the puzzle of their lives so we can insure their future, because there's no robust path forward for the ocean without lots of sharks in it."

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