Florida cop gives himself ticket after reviewing traffic video

A police officer in Florida who was scanning video footage of traffic violations came across his patrol car running a red light.

Haines City Police Officer Tim Glover spotted his car in the Sept. 8 video. He remembered he was getting lunch and was turning left at an intersection while the light turned from yellow to red. Up until seeing the video, he told WSTP.com that he was unaware of the violation.

“I realized that the vehicle did look familiar, and I was hoping it wasn't mine, but I walked out and confirmed it was mine out here in the parking lot,” he told the station

He could have covered it up, but he informed his boss about the infraction and was promptly given a $160 ticket.

“I've always been taught that if you've done something wrong, to take responsibility for what you've done and accept your punishment,” Glover said. “In this part, it was paying the fine and getting my letter of reprimand.”