A struggling Florida electrical business is hoping to spark sales by offering a free 12-gauge shotgun with purchase, myfoxtampabay.com reports.

The owners of United Electrical Systems in Plant City will be giving a free Remington model 870 12-gauge shotgun to customers who purchase an energy efficient air conditioning system installed by the company.

Owners Tim Toole and Jim Harden say they are trying to offset the cost of business and admit they will do almost anything to save their business, according to the station.

"We'll run a background check and if we approve them, we will give them a shotgun," Harden told myfoxtampabay.com.

Toole and Harden are promoting the AC business, as well as their licensed gun shop, Shoot-N-Irons, right now in its early stages.

"I'm not in this to make a political statement," Toole said. "I'm not in this to promote the NRA. I'm not in this to do anything, but promote my business."

Some have questioned the gun giveaway.

"I don't think a shotgun is something people need," said Erin Powers. "How about a grocery store gift certificate or Target, Walmart?"

A spokesman with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office told the station they have no problem with the shotgun giveaway, as long as the law is followed.

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