Florida Attorney Barred From Jail Over Bra, Then for Taking Bra Off

An attorney in Miami was prevented from seeing one of her clients at a federal detention center due to the metal underwire in her bra, and then again for not wearing a bra, The Miami Herald reported Saturday.

Brittney Horstman attempted to visit a client held at the Miami Federal Detention Center, but security guards would not allow her to enter because the metal in her underwire bra set off the facility’s metal detectors. An internal Detention Center memo makes an exception for underwire bras, but guards still refused Horstman entry.

Horstman removed the bra in a bathroom and passed the metal detectors, but was then told that going braless was a violation of prison dress code guidelines, which also forbid women from wearing low-cut blouses or dresses, leotards, sundresses or “any type of garment that is see-through . . . or clothing that is tight and sexually suggestive or revealing.” The dress code requires that women wear bras but does not forbid underwire bras.

The incident was eventually brought to the attention of Warden Linda McGrew, who conducted an inquiry and promised the same thing would not happen again. “The incident, while regrettable and unfortunate, appears to be an aberration,” said Michael Caruso, the public defender's chief assistant.