First-In-The-Nation Primary Voting Underway in New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders and John Kasich won!

Well at least in the tiny town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire where the town’s nine voters all cast their ballots at Midnight on the day of the first in the nation primary. Bernie Sanders got all four Democratic votes, John Kasich got won 3 to 2 over Donald Trump among GOP voters.

We’ll see what voters finally say when we have the results from the rest of the state. The frontrunners according to all the recent polls suggest its Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders race to lose.

But New Hampshire is infamous for throwing curve balls.

It got really ugly on the trail in the past few days. We’ll spend some time discussing the various confrontations.

Just one example is Donald Trump who used the P word to describe Ted Cruz.. following the lead of an audience member.

1020EST -- Carly Fiorina visits a polling location at Bartlett Elementary School, Goffstown, NH. LIVE via LiveU

1025EST -- Sen Rubio visits a polling location in Salem, NH. POOL COVER

1100EST -- OH Gov Kasich visits a polling location at Broad Street Elementary School, Nashua, NH. LIVE via LiveU

1120EST -- Sen Rubio visits a polling location in Derry, NH. POOL COVER

1200EST -- Sen Rubio visits a polling location in Londonderry, NH. POOL COVER

1330EST -- Sen Cruz makes a retail stop. Red Arrow Diner, Manchester, NH. LIVE via LiveU

Weather could also play a factor. It’s a nicer day today in New Hampshire, but parts of New England could get more snow today.

President Obama submits his yearly and final budget to Congress today at 11am. The price tag is about $4 trillion and adds 19 billion for fighting cybersecurity. The White House also suggesting a $10/barrel tax on oil to pay for deficit reduction.

The GOP has already snubbed the President’s proposal. The Republican chairmen of the House and Senate Budget committees say they won’t invite the president’s budget director to hearing on the proposal which is a breach of protocol.

That budget also has more than $7 billion to fight ISIS. There’s a hearing today from the Senate Armed Services Committee with testimony from James Clapper the director of national intelligence on the threat from the Islamic state.

A new government report on health insurance says eight states saw a big drop in those without health insurance. AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, KY and MI all got lots more folks insurance.

U.S. Senator is calling for the NTSB to investigate a near-disaster on a cruise ship that ran into a massive storm over the weekend causing panic onboard and damage. Royal Caribbean says the storm was bigger than forecast. The ship is returning to port.

That “satellite” fired into orbit by North Korea is out of alignment and not maintaining orbit.. so a failure. But it’s widely seen as a provocation, and a snub of “ally” China. The North Koreans are also reportedly close to testing yet another nuclear device.

A train crash in southern Germany has killed at least 8 and hurt 150. It’s a remote area, and rescuers are having trouble reaching victims.

Japanese stocks fell more than 5% today after a bad day on Wall Street yesterday. We get earnings reports today from Viacom and Disney.

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