Final 2 of 4 inmates accused of escaping from Oklahoma jail recaptured at home in Anadarko

Authorities say they've recaptured the last inmates who escaped an Oklahoma jail by climbing through a trap door above the shower.

Authorities say four inmates escaped the Caddo County jail on Oct. 27. Two were quickly recaptured. Caddo County Deputy Sheriff Philip Smith says the other two were arrested at a home in Anadarko Tuesday.

The inmates were identified as 33-year-old Triston Cheadle and 24-year-old Thomas Johnson, who is also known as Anthony James Mendonca.

Authorities said the men escaped along with Dylan Ray Three Irons and Prime Brown.

Authorities have said that Three Irons, Brown and Johnson were awaiting transport to a state prison after being convicted of various drug crimes. Cheadle is a federal inmate who was awaiting trial on a gun charge.