Prosecutors and a defense attorney have clashed during closing arguments over whether an Arizona man aided a New York man who died in Syria fighting for the Islamic State group.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Negar Tekeei (neh-GAR' TIH'-kay) told the jury Wednesday that evidence is overwhelming that Ahmed Mohammed el-Gammal (ehl-gahm-AHL') helped Samy el-Goarany (ehl-goh-AHR'-nee) reach Syria in 2015. She says the 44-year-old Phoenix-area man wanted to live comfortably in America while he guided the 24-year-old college student toward the extremist group.

Assistant Federal Defender Sabrina Shroff denied the accusation and says el-Goarany was the only terrorist in the case.

El-Gammal could face decades in prison if he is convicted in Manhattan federal court on charges that he provided material support to the Islamic State group.