FBI says bulletin warning law enforcement to look out for armed agent was a mistake

An FBI bulletin telling Washington-are law enforcement -- including the Secret Service -- to be on the lookout for a disgruntled and armed agent was just a "personnel matter," an official said hours after FoxNews.com located the agent at his home.

Late Thursday, the FBI widened a week-old "be on the lookout" bulletin for Michael Dick, an agent with experience in counterintelligence who was under investigation for the allegedly threats. The FBI Police's Intelligence and Liaison Office said Dick, who previously worked in the counterintelligence division, "threatened to come to [FBI headquarters] on May 8] despite his access being terminated," a bureau bulletin stated. "At this time there is no record that his Bureau weapon has been taken from him. At present he still has access to FBI space at Quantico."

But Dick, reached at his home by FoxNews.com, said he is not in hiding or on the run. He referred questions to his attorney, Kevin Byrnes. Dick's lawyer told FoxNews.com his client is being retaliated against for complaints after being denied timely treatment after he suffered an injury at a shooting range.

"We have not been provided with any information regarding any specific threats against any person and the warning cites no specifics," Byrnes said. "Mike Dick's location has been known to the FBI every day. He's not been in hiding--ever."

Dick claims his hand was injured May 7 at Quantico and that he filed workmen's compensation after getting improper medical treatment.

"The FBI has known of his location since the date of his injury," Byrnes said, adding that Dick has faced previous acts of retaliation for numerous complaints lodged against supervisors over several years.
Hours later, the FBI returned messages left by FoxNews.com and said the bulletin was "issued in conjunction with a personnel matter and was not meant for the public to see.

Asked why the bulletin, dated one week ago, was distributed to other law enforcement agencies late Thursday, after Dick had been located, FBI spokesman Paul Bresson said he had "no clue" and that it was "probably done in error." But the language of the bulletin indicated that, at least at one point, the bureau considered Dick a danger.

"Dick has expressed discord and made indirect threats to several different members of varying divisions at both HQ and Quantico," the bulletin stated. "He has threatened to show up at the headquarters office though he no longer has access to the building.

"Dick is still in possession of his FBI duty weapon and additional information indicates that he has two known, personally owned weapons (POW's), including an AR-15 registered with the FBI," the bulletin states.

Byrnes said the latest episode is yet another case of the bureau retaliating against his client.