FBI releases booking photos in rare move to be able to identify more victims in child pornography case

In a rare move, the FBI has released booking photos of a New Jersey man accused of installing hidden cameras to videotape young girls as they showered and dressed in an effort to be able to identify more victims.

49-year-old Robert Oshrin, of Budd Lake, N.J. appeared in court Monday to face child pornography charges.

The exception in this case was made "in this instance for the exclusive purpose of identifying potential victims who may be associated with this case," according to the FBI.

In February, FBI agents became aware of postings on a child pornography website which were traced to an IP address located at the home of Oshrin.

On April 5, agents spoke with Oshrin and he allegedly admitted to downloading child pornography from various websites and distributing material, according to a criminal complaint.

The Complaint alleges that Oshrin, a computer programmer, installed cameras in several locations throughout his home, including in a bathroom and bedroom and monitored the cameras when girls were present so he could make recordings of them.

“Because he installed multiple cameras in the bathroom, it allowed video production from various angles and allowed him to focus on specific areas of interest,” the complaint said.