Father of Parkland victim blasts Alyssa Milano over NRA remarks

The father of a victim in the Parkland high school shooting blasted actress Alyssa Milano on Monday after she blamed the National Rifle Association for his daughter’s death.

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter, Meadow, was killed in February when a gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., said Milano should “learn her facts before she speaks.”

“The FBI, Sherrif Israel, mental illness counselors, school administrators & failed diversionary programs are to blame,” Pollack said in a tweet. “Not the NRA.”

Pollack was responding to Milano’s criticism in a speech she gave in Parkland on Sunday.

Milano, who hosted the Actions For Change Music and Food Festival, was speaking in an attempt to encourage young people to go out and vote during the midterm elections, according to WLRN-TV.

Milano, in the aftermath of a string of mass shootings, said the U.S. was too influenced by the NRA.

“We live in a nation where numbers are really no longer persuasive,” she said. “Numbers no longer persuade policy.”