Many restaurants across the country are embracing a new trend called 'farm to table' which provides customers with locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients that were on the farm or in the ocean the day before being served up as dinner.

A new Texas restaurant, called Sorrel Urban Bistro is taking the phrase "fresh food" to a whole new level, MyFoxHouston reports.

Co-owner and chef of the Houston restaurant, Soren Pedersen says that the menu changes daily, based on what is available each day, and what he feels like cooking.

On a recent visit to Sorrel, Houston food blogger Mai Pham was treated to several dishes, including a red snapper that came out of the Gulf just the day before it was served.

In fact many of the dishes at Sorrel are garnished with just-off-the-farm herbs and vegetables.

According to Pedersen, the name of the restaurant came from the popular herb that is versatile and is used in everything from drinks to soups to entrees. He wanted the name to represent the diversity of what is offered in his restaurant.

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