The wreckage of a plane that crashed in September off the coast of Jamaica and the remains of the couple aboard have been recovered from water almost two miles deep, the couple's family said Wednesday.

Larry and Jane Glazer, both 68-year-old experienced pilots and prominent business owners, were flying from Rochester to Naples, Florida, on Sept. 5 when air traffic controllers lost contact with their single-engine turboprop. With the couple apparently incapacitated, the plane flew on its own for 1,700 miles before running out of fuel and slamming into the sea north of the Caribbean island.

U.S. fighter pilots who shadowed the aircraft after it failed to respond to radio contacts reported seeing the pilot slumped over and the plane's windows frosting over.

A statement released Wednesday by the Glazers' daughter and two sons said the family hired the Eclipse Group of Annapolis, Maryland, to search for the plane and their parents' remains. The company has expertise in deep-water search and recovery using remotely operated vehicles.

The search and salvage began Jan. 13 in collaboration with the Jamaican government, according to a statement from the Maritime Authority of Jamaica. The wreckage and remains were recovered on Monday and were being transported by ship to the United States.

"We also recovered significant portions of the aircraft itself and we are hopeful that, in time, this will provide us with answers as to exactly what happened that day," the Glazer family said.

Larry Glazer was a prominent businessman who redeveloped downtown Rochester properties. Jane Glazer founded a household-products catalog company.