The parents of an Oak Ridge School District official who reported people were stealing money from the district to buy methamphetamine have asked the FBI to investigate if he really killed himself three months later.

Tennessee Watchdog verified earlier this year that Alex Heitman, the school district’s supervisor of business services, reported the case to the Oak Ridge Police Department in 2011.

As Tennessee Watchdog has previously reported, his parents, Don and Annette Heitman, have serious doubts as to whether their son later took his own life in Cocke County, 70 miles away.

They also question whether the Cocke County Sheriff’s Department and the Oak Ridge Police Department are being forthcoming enough with information about his case.

An official in the FBI’s mail room in Washington, D.C., who didn’t give her name, acknowledged Wednesday the agency has received a letter that corresponds with a tracking number Annette Heitman provided to Tennessee Watchdog.

Heitman said the contents of the letter already are available on a website she maintains in honor of her son. Heitman’s website also says she sent copies of the official request to various elected officials in Tennessee and her home state of Wisconsin.

The FBI’s Washington, D.C., office referred all questions on the matter to the FBI’s field office in Knoxville, but no one at that office returned our messages.

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