Facebook Has Released Its 'News Feed Values' -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

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Friends first. Facebook has released a document detailing its “News Feed Values” in an attempt to be more transparent, in which it explains that it values friends' posts over publishers'.

Point A to Point C. Google Maps now allows for multiple destinations on Android mobile devices.

Take it Yeezy. Adidas and Kanye West are expanding their partnership, planning new gear and even Yeezy retail stores.

Sea of screens. Apple is patenting technology that would disable iPhone users from taking photos and videos at concerts.

Just havin' a laugh. A hacker briefly took over the Oculus CEO's Twitter account and falsely announced a new CEO for the company.

Stream away. Netflix continues to look into entering China as the company tries to grow its subscriber base outside of the U.S.

Tactical advantage. An AI fighter pilot beat a human in multiple flight simulator trials.

Happy anniversary. Microsoft's free Windows 10 anniversary update will arrive on August 2.