Ex-boyfriend of Texas woman reported missing charged with kidnapping

The ex-boyfriend of a Texas woman reported missing was arrested Wednesday on a a kidnapping charge, even though she still hasn’t been found.

Police told Fox 4 that 25-year-old Typhenie Johnson was last seen October 10 at an apartment complex in Fort Worth. Her friends told authorities they were immediately suspicious about her disappearance.

Police said that Typhenie’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Revill, was the last person to see her.

Johnson's twin brother, Asher, said his girlfriend and another friend said they were inside the apartment as the ex-couple talked outside in the parking lot the night she disappeared.

“It had kind of escalated from a regular conversation and making Chris leave here because he was gathering up his stuff,” Asher told Fox 4. “Chris had come back up, and I asked him where my sister went. And he said she jumped into another car.”

Asher said it was out of character for his 25-year-old sister to just leave without telling them, so he went outside to look for her.

“That's when I had seen his car backed in right back here with the trunk open,” he said.

Asher told the television station that when Revill took off in his white 2003 Ford, he found her sock and her cell phone, in addition to her car keys on top of her car.

Police said they found women's clothing at Revill's mother’s house. When asked by police, Asher says it was the tank top Typhenie was wearing that night.

With all the evidence and witness statements, police were able to arrest Revill for Typhenie’s alleged kidnapping last week and are holding him on a $50,000 bond.

“We have substantial information basically on the initial crime scene of the apartment complex that would lead us and the detectives to believe that he was the last person around her at the time of her disappearance,” Fort Worth Police Officer Jimmy Pollozani told Fox 4.

Since she was reported missing, hundreds of police and volunteers have joined family members to search for Johnson.

Her mother told NBC 5 DFW she is so grateful that complete strangers would spend their time searching for her daughter.

"We've learned to love and trust everybody we meet," Strub told the television station. "Hopefully we find Typhenie and find her safe."

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