Empty nest syndrome? Aggressive mother falcon attacks dog, people in Buffalo, NY neighborhood

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Her chicks have left the nest, but a peregrine falcon nesting on a Buffalo tower is proving to be an overprotective mother. Antoine Lanier said he saw the falcon recently chase a teenage boy across a street near the University of Buffalo's South Campus, where a falcon nesting platform is perched on McKay Tower.

Minutes later, Lanier said the falcon swooped in and attacked his dog, leaving the pooch with bloodied paws and ears.

State wildlife biologist Connie Adams said the falcon chicks hatched on the UB tower have left the nest, but the mother remains defensive of her territory.

She said the falcon attacked a pair of bird watchers and a man working on the roof of a Buffalo hospital.

Adams said the mother falcon should become less aggressive in about two weeks.


Information from: WIVB-TV, http://www.wivb.com