Employer: Man accused in plot to join Islamic State group was about to quit his restaurant job

The employer of one of three men charged with plotting to help the Islamic State group says the suspect was about to quit his restaurant job.

Zakarya Khan is the owner of Gyro King in New York City. He says Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev (ahb-DEWR'-ahl-suhl hah-SAHN'-oh-vich jur-AH'-boh-ehv) was first a customer at his restaurant, then started working there slicing lettuce. Khan says he made about $500 a week.

The store owner says Juraboev's last day was supposed to be Thursday because he planned to go visit family in his native Uzbekistan.

But federal officials who arrested Juraboev and two others Wednesday say the three plotted to travel to Syria to join the IS group and wage war against the U.S.

Juraboev's attorney had no immediate comment on charges against his client.