Driver pinned between two trucks says he was praying for his life

An Oregon man who miraculously survived after his truck became wedged in between two crashed tractor trailers, said he closed his eyes and prayed as the second vehicle barreled toward him.

Kaleb Whitby told "Fox and Friends" Monday he was driving his Chevy Silverado along a foggy and icy Interstate-84 near Baker City, OR. Saturday morning when he noticed a jackknifed truck ahead of him, blocking the entire roadway.

Knowing he would not be able to avoid crashing into the truck, Kaleb drove his vehicle into the trailer.

“The next thing I know, I look out my back window and see the lights of a semi-truck barreling down on me,” he told "Fox and Friends." “It was then – I didn’t even look at it. I turned back and faced forward and closed my eyes.”

The truck slammed into Whitby’s vehicle, crumpling it up.

One of the truck drivers got out and asked Whitby if he was ok, then took a picture – which has since gone viral – of Whitby wedged in about a 3-foot wide area between both trucks.

Whitby, who has a 2-year-old son and pregnant wife, suffered a bruised eye and a few cuts on his hand, but was freed and able to walk away from the wreck.

“Everybody talks about your life flashing before your eyes, it didn’t for me,” he told Fox and Friends. “All I could think about is my wife and my son and just hoping that it wasn’t my time and praying that I would be able to get through it.”

The crash involved 26 drivers and left 12 injured.

Looking back at the picture,Whitby said “Something like that you don’t see twice in a lifetime.”