Dozens of people were indicted Tuesday in a massive firearms and drug trafficking operation in Ohio, Fox8.com reported.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents worked undercover for a year at what appeared to be a sporting goods store in Mansfield, Ohio. They acted as though they were interested in purchasing guns and drugs from various individuals.

During the time frame, 64 people allegedly sold or traded guns to the agents. As of Tuesday, 47 were reportedly apprehended.

Besides the arrest, law enforcement said 70 firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammo, 1,316 grams of cocaine, 768 grams of crack cocaine, 1,099 Oxycodone pills, 215 Ecstasy pills, 199 Vicodin pills, 5 grams of heroin and 36 Aprazolam pills, AFP reported.

"Anytime you get that kind of stuff off the streets, it's a good thing," Lynn Finfgeld, of Mansfield, told the channel.