Being a great leader isn’t about being a ‘boss’ and hitting arbitrary milestones. A true leader inspires and works alongside his or her team to accomplish their shared goals and rise to greatness. It’s about cooperation, trust, and change.

No one knows this better than author and TED speaker Simon Sinek. A student of leadership styles – from business to politicians and everything in-between – Sinek has discovered the patterns that enable people to inspire others most effectively.

Sinek has a new book out on this very topic: Together Is Better. About a boy who takes a stand for what he believes in, the book’s broader message is about overcoming struggles and challenges by working with and learning from others.

Highlighting Sinek’s expertise on leadership and teamwork, he collaborated with digital and print design company MOO to create a series of beautiful postcards that feature some of his favorite quotes and illustrations from Together Is Better.

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