Dog Dies After Encounter With Toxic 'Bufo' Toad

Curiosity killed the… dog? Residents in South Florida are being warned to keep their pets away from the toxic Bufo toad, found in many backyards.

Mary Ann Lethbridge let her poodle April out in the backyard recently and noticed the dog was acting strange when she came back in the house, reported.

“I picked her up and tried to get her mouth open, but it was clenched,” Lethbridge told the TV station. “She was stiff, real stiff, and started foaming at the mouth."

Lethbridge rushed April to the veterinarian’s office, but it was closed because it was so early. She tried six more before finding one open, but by then, April had died.

The culprit is a toad of the genus Bufo, also known as the reef toad or giant toad. It has glands behind its eyes that secrete a toxin when it feels threatened, and in a small enough body -- such as a dog's -- it can be deadly. Biologists say to get rid of the toad if you see it.

Experts say if your pet has come in contact with one, wash it’s mouth and bring it to a vet.

Lethbridge has created a Facebook page to spread awareness about the deadly toad. Her three other poodles now are not allowed out in the backyard unless she is watching them.

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