District Attorney says it may be illegal for mayor to give 'Undercover Boss' money to city employees

The district attorney says it may have been illegal for Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto to give money to city employees as part of his appearance on the CBS show "Undercover Boss."

Peduto pledged to give $155,000 to four needy city employees during his appearance on the show last month. Peduto has said the money will come from private donors, though at least one agency -- VisitPittsburgh -- gets some of its money from taxpayers.

But Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala tells KDKA-TV -- the local CBS affiliate -- that if any of the money came from tax dollars, the gifts could be illegal. He says the salaries of public employees are negotiated and the mayor cannot just give them a bonus.

The mayor insists the gifts are legal, but Zappala says the state Ethics Commission is also investigating.