'Disgruntled' man allegedly sprayed feces on supermarket produce

A Harris Teeter supermarket reopened Monday in Charleston, S.C., one day after a man described as a "disgruntled former contractor" sprayed what was believed to be feces on the store's fresh produce and other food items.

Suspect Pau Hang, 41, was arrested Sunday afternoon. He claimed the store owed him money, Charleston police spokesman Charles Francis said.

Danna Robinson, a Harris Teeter spokeswoman, told the Post and Courier of Charleston that Hang allegedly tried to “contaminate food products in the produce department and Fresh Foods department inside our St. Andrews Shopping Center location."

After Hang was arrested, the company took “appropriate action” to reopen, Robinson told the Charlotte Observer.

"Affected areas of the store have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, and the local and state regulators have given us permission to reopen our departments. Our teams are in the process of re-stocking,” she told the Observer.

The contaminated food was discarded, Robinson told the Post & Courier.

Police said the liquid substance would be tested to determine exactly what it is.

Hang was charged with damage to personal property and trespassing after notice, police said.