A grieving Detroit mother who apparently didn’t want to let go of her deceased daughter’s body reportedly has been living with the corpse since November.

Police say they found a body belonging to the 47-year-old woman at her mother’s home Sunday afternoon on the city’s west side.

“There was never a smell. Never,” a surprised neighbor told FOX2 Detroit.

Another neighbor, who identified herself as Kimberly, said she was “totally shocked that this could happen in our community, right across the street.”

Neighbors said the woman's daughter had health problems, however, the death is still being investigated by a medical examiner.

She died last year, but her mother kept her body inside the home, the windows of which were covered in blankets, sources told Fox 2 Detroit.

“I know how bad she must feel, I can go down there and relate to her,” one neighbor told the station.

Not reporting a death to police in Michigan is a misdemeanor crime that carries a 1-year jail sentence or $1,000 fine, but it is not clear yet if anyone will be charged, according to FOX2.