Detroit 8th grader taught math class because school was so understaffed

Reading, writing, arithmetic -- and teaching?

An eighth grader at a Detroit charter school was put in the awkward position of having to teach math to seventh and eighth graders when the actual teacher left in frustration over class size and lack of support, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court Tuesday.

The suit, which was filed against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and other officials on behalf of seven black and Latino students who attend five of the lowest performing schools in the city, states that the Detroit Public Schools Community District is suffering from "slum-like conditions" that include classrooms and campuses in violation of basic health and safety standards.

Although the school made a few unsucessful attempts to find a replacement for the math teacher who resigned, the "highest performing" eighth-grade student ultimately took over teaching duties for a month, the suit alleges.

Other problems mentioned in the lawsuit include a lack of school supplies, students being forced to share books and facilities without air-conditioning.

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