Demotions for 2 high-ranking Veterans Affairs officials on hold after paperwork mix-up

Veterans Affairs is rescinding the demotions of two high-ranking officials, but will reissue them after a paperwork mix-up in the case is resolved.

Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves were demoted last month from senior executives — the highest rank for career employees — to general workers within the Veterans Benefits Administration. Rubens was director of the Philadelphia regional office while Graves lead a regional office in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Rubens and Graves are accused of forcing lower-ranking regional managers to accept job transfers against their will. Rubens and Graves then stepped into the lower, vacant positions while keeping their higher salaries.

VA Oversight Director Ryan Hedgepeth said Thursday that one of five binders of evidence supporting the demotions had not been given to the employees who are appealing the demotions.