Defense to seek clemency for Ohio man who fatally shot his ailing wife in her hospital bed

An attorney for an Ohio man convicted of fatally shooting his ailing wife at a hospital says they will seek clemency from the governor.

Attorney Paul Adamson says in an email that the defense plans to launch a campaign for clemency after John Wise is sentenced. The sentencing is scheduled Friday in Akron.

The 68-year-old Massillon (MAS'-ih-luhn) man says he shot his debilitated wife out of love in August 2012 after she appeared to be in pain. Mercy is not a defense to a murder charge in Ohio.

Wise was convicted on charges including aggravated murder with a firearm specification, which could carry a life sentence.

The prosecutor says the unique circumstances warrant leniency. She has recommended that Wise be sentenced on a lesser crime and get a six-year term.