Dallas fire forces 6 people, including baby, to jump from burning building

Six people, including a baby, were forced to jump out a burning apartment complex in Texas on Wednesday -- and the dramatic scene was caught on tape.

Dallas Fire-Rescue officials responded to an apartment complex in Far East Dallas where a fire erupted around 7 a.m., Fox4 reported.

One person living in the building told the local station that he saw residents on the ground level grabbing mattresses to place them below windows so those living on the third floor could jump.

“I see them getting a bed ready and everything so the people can jump out the window so we could catch them,” 21-year-old Byron Campbell said.

He said he helped one woman by catching her baby. “After she dropped the baby I hurried up and curled him up and caught him real good. And I hurried up and took him away from the fire and got him to the fire department lady,” he told Fox 4 while still on the scene.

Fire-rescue officials confirmed that six people, including the baby, all exited through the window from the third floor.

Two residents and one firefighter were taken to an area hospital. Officials said all of the residents were without a home after the building was classified as a total loss.

The exact cause of the fire is unknown, as investigators cannot yet safely enter the building.