Custody battle over '94 Corvette ends in ex-husband's favor in Alabama divorce case

A court is granting an Alabama man custody of a 1994 Chevrolet Corvette in a divorce case.

The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals ruled Friday that an Etowah County judge was wrong to give the sports car to Carlaine Henry after she divorced James Todd Henry last year.

The couple didn't have children. But records show the woman sought the Corvette when she filed for divorce, and a judge agreed.

Henry's ex-husband appealed, saying his grandparents gave him the car 16 years before they married in 2012. The man argued they hadn't used the Corvette together, so he should keep it.

The appellate court sided with the man. It also overturned a judge's ruling that he had to pay his ex-wife $13,000 if he wanted the car.