Rescue crews were trying to free a humpback whale Wednesday that became tangled in what appeared to be a jumbled mix of fishing lines and an orange fishing buoy in the waters off Gloucester, Mass.

The Environmental Police patrol vessel Thomas Paine led several boats to assess the whale’s condition and assist in the rescue effort, WMTW reported.

The attempt to free the stuck whale comes just days after a young humpback became enmeshed in ropes in Cape Cod Bay on Saturday. It took crews two hours to free the whale, The Boston Globe reported.

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“The animal was essentially anchored in place, but was still able to dive,” a statement from the Center for Coastal Studies’ Marine Animal Entanglement Response team said. “Its behavior was extremely agitated, suggesting that it was a very recent entanglement.”

Said the organization’s director, Scott Landry: “It’s important for people not to intervene.”