Cops in Ohio are searching for a person who stole the cremated remains of a decorated Marine earlier this month.

The ashes of Korean War veteran Max Reeder were taken along with credit cards and other items when his daughter’s downtown Akron office was burglarized on Sept. 22, according to FOX8.

“I forgive what he did, I wish him a better life, but I just would like to have my dad’s ashes,” Kimberly Reeder said.

Reeder, who was 84 when he died on Aug. 30, had been awarded a Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Hearts. His ashes were in a red velvet bag that was pilfered along with his Marine Corps Insignia ring.

“I had just picked up his ashes the day before, because I was going to make some jewelry for my mom” Kimberly said.

Police say the suspect was captured on surveillance at nearby gas stations using the stolen credit cards.