Couple mistakenly charged almost $10,000 at the gas pump

A Florida couple said a Fort Myers gas station made a major mistake when they went to fill up their tank.

Susan Gower claimed they were charged thousands of dollars for gas that was never bought. “He filled his car up maybe $20 or something like that,” said Gower. “He used his credit card.”

When trying to use that same credit card the following day, it was declined. Upon checking their account, they discovered the near $10,000 problem. “It was just shocking,” said Gower.

When she went back to look at her receipt from the Valero gas station, Gower noticed they mistakenly charged her for more than 27,000 gallons worth of gas.

That’s when she called her bank to cancel the transaction. “The bank said they would get with Valero and have them reverse the charges,” said Gower. “Very simple.”

Although, what she thought would be a simple refund took more than two weeks to get fixed. Gower said the gas station owner tried fighting her claim.

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