Cops: Man abandoned backhoe in 12-foot-deep hole he dug in rural road at night

New York State Police say they've charged a Rochester man with using excavating equipment to dig a 40-foot-long, 12-foot-deep hole in a rural road in the middle of the night and not telling anyone about it.

Investigators say 32-year-old Kyle Calabria is charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment for last November's damage to a lightly traveled road in the town of Prattsburg, 45 miles south of Rochester.

Eaton says Calabria had been hired to do excavation work on property along the road. For some reason investigators still haven't figured out, Calabria used a backhoe to dig up a 15-foot-wide section of the road at night.

Police say Calabria abandoned the backhoe after it got stuck in the hole. No motorists were injured.

Calabria is free after posting bail. It couldn't be determined if he has a lawyer.