Cops find human body parts near Conn. train station

Connecticut cops have reported making a grim discovery near a commuter train station: severed human arms in a plastic bag and nearby in a separate location severed legs with sock-clad feet.

The human limbs were found Wednesday near the Metro-North State Street Station in downtown New Haven. The arms contained no hands. The feet had socks on but no shoes.

“It’s a little creepy,” local resident Marge Vallee told WTNH-TV. “I’m so glad that it was discovered. Who in the world did this?”

The station reported Friday that New Haven Police have wrapped up their search without finding any more body parts. The legs were found first under some bushes after someone smelled a foul odor and called police. Hours later police found the arms in the plastic bag near an overpass a short distance away.

It will be up to the State Medical Examiner’s office to first determine that the limbs belong to the same person.

World renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee told Fox CT Thursday that the plastic bag may hold potential clues that could help identify the victim.

“With a plastic bag, we have to look at what color, size it is and whether it is an industrial bag, commercial bag or cheap plastic bag,” Lee told the station.

The socks may also contain important evidence.

“On the socks, we will usually look for hairs, for fibers or other material that may have adhered to the socks,” said Lee. He told Fox CT the socks could also give scientists a geographic profile as to where this victim was from.

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