A New Jersey police officer shot in the thigh at point-blank range during a struggle with a suspect this week left the hospital Saturday, supported by dozens of colleagues in law enforcement.

Patrick O'Hanlon gave a thumbs up to roughly 50 officers who stood at attention as he came out of Cooper University Hospital in a wheelchair. But the officer did not make any comments before he and his family members got into the Camden County deputy chief's vehicle and left the facility.

O'Hanlon, 21, who joined the police force less than a year ago, will continue his recuperation at home.

The shooting occurred Wednesday night in Camden when the Camden County officer approached three people who authorities say were acting suspiciously. They say 19-year-old Delronn Mahan ran away but was soon captured by O'Hanlon.

Mahan allegedly pulled out a gun and fired it. The weapon apparently jammed as the pair struggled, preventing Mahan from firing a second shot. Mahan was then apprehended while fellow officers applied a tourniquet to O'Hanlon's leg.

The officer didn't fire his weapon. Mahan was uninjured.

Mahan has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, weapons charges and resisting arrest. He remains in custody pending a detention hearing where a state judge will decide if he must remain jailed until his trial.

It wasn't known Saturday if Mahan has retained an attorney.

Mahan has been arrested 10 times since turning 18, according to Camden County authorities.