Controversial billboard shows US soldier embracing Muslim woman wearing burka

A California company’s billboard in the heart of Hollywood depicting an American soldier embracing a Muslim woman – fully covered by a burka – is sparking some controversy.

CBS Los Angeles reports Camarillo-based Snore Stop commissioned the Sunset Boulevard ad, which prominently includes the hash tag, “#betogether,” to promote its line of anti-snoring products.

“We wanted to find locations that would grab people’s attention. Snore Stop is a product for couples and we want to show couples that you normally don’t see in advertising,” Melody Devemark, a company spokeswoman, told the station.


“People feel that we are trying to misuse the image of military servicemen. I think they don’t understand that there are couples like this that do exist. It’s just that you’re not used to seeing them.”

“It’s a shock factor…. Trying to shock you into looking at it. But to each their own,” onlooker Jan Clair said.

In the ad, the soldier dons the Army’s traditional camouflage garb with an American flag emblazoned on his shirtsleeve.

CBS Los Angeles reports Snore Stop executives plan to roll out 20 more of the already controversial billboards in cities across the U.S., including in Houston, Salt Lake City and New York.

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