Constables get probation for dragging cuffed woman from home by her legs over parking ticket

A judge has given probation to two Pittsburgh constables who handcuffed a woman and dragged her out of her home by her legs over an unpaid parking ticket.

Allegheny County Judge Beth Lazzara on Wednesday sentenced 27-year-old Christian Constantini to three years of probation and 46-year-old Michael Lowman to four years of supervision. The judge had previously convicted the men of simple assault, reckless endangerment, official oppression and conspiracy.

Both men say they'll appeal their convictions and sentences.

Lazzara says she didn't hear any remorse or apology from the constables, saying, "There's a part of me that thinks you should be placed in handcuffs and taken immediately to the Allegheny County Jail."

Prosecutors say the October 2014 dragging incident is just one example of their hyper-aggressive behavior.