Connecticut Girl Allegedly Bullied by Classmates Posts Plight on YouTube

A 13-year-old girl apparently bullied by her peers has taken her plight to YouTube, posting a haunting video that describes the alleged torment suffered at a top Connecticut middle school.

Alye Pollack, an eighth-grader at Bedford Middle School in Westport, Conn., uploaded the video, titled "Words are worse than Sticks and Stones," on March 14. As of Wednesday morning, the three-minute clip had more than 30,100 views.

Pollack, who does not speak in the homemade video, is seen holding up signs recounting the alleged bullying endured at the hands of her classmates.

"I am bullied. Not a day has gone by without one of these words -- 'bitch,' 'whore,' 'fat, 'lesbo,' 'slut,' 'freak,' ugly,' 'weird,' fag," the signs read.

"I don't cut but I'm close," Pollack writes. "I'm in therapy/guidance more than my classes."

"Think before you say things. It might save lives," reads another sign.

After the video was posted, the school  principal wrote in a letter to parents that he was investigating a case of cyber bullying, reports.

The superintendent has declined comment on Pollack's case, specifically, citing privacy reasons, according to the station.

"We've been very rigid about being intolerant about bullying," Dr. Elliott Landon told the Westport News. "If there's any sign that a kid's in trouble, we act on that immediately."

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