Company makes coloring book to tell 'the truth' about terrorism, spoofs Rolling Stone's Tsarnaev cover

A Missouri company's coloring book, which purports to tell the “truth” about terrorists, contains images criticizing Usama bin Laden and Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after he was featured on a controversial Rolling Stone cover.

Wayne Bell, publisher of Really Big Coloring Books, says the company produced the book after receiving thousands of phone calls and emails from customers and educators about the Rolling Stone cover.

“We listen to what people say and they complained … like hard-core, about making the terrorist guy look like a rock star” Bell told “Since Tsarnaev was on the front cover of Rolling Stone, we thought he deserved the back cover of a [coloring] book.”

Bell said 1,200 copies of the coloring book, titled “LEARN about Terrorism,” were sold in the first two days that they were available.

The book is included as a supplement with two of the company’s “We Shall Never Forget 9/11” titles.

Bell told the book is targeted toward adults and teachers looking to use it as a learning tool for children.

“They’re used to tell the truth, tell it often and tell the children.” he said.

One of the coloring book’s pages, titled “Rock Him and Stone Him,” is a spoof of the Rolling Stone’s Tsarnaev cover. “NOT the face of a rock star,” it reads, calling Tsarnaev the “Scum of the Earth.”

Another image shows a shark and crabs scoffing at terrorist Usama bin Laden, the 9/11 mastermind, after his burial at sea, describing him as “evil trash.”’s Greg Norman contributed to this report.