Colorado Man Stumbles Onto $10,000 in Vegas Airport, Gives It Back to Unlucky Traveler

By the looks of things, Mitch Gilbert has no business being in Sin City -- given his budding record as a good Samaritan.

Earlier this month, Gilbert stumbled upon two unmarked Caeser's Palace envelopes at the airport in Las Vegas moments before boarding a flight back home to Colorado, reported. As it turns out, what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas, and Gilbert reportedly brought the envelopes home and opened them.

He hit the jackpot: $5,000 shoved in each one.

He could have used the money, too. His real estate business has been slow. But he told the station that he wanted set a good example for his kids.

“It would have been a lot easier keeping it, to be honest with you,” he admitted to the station.

So he alerted the airport about his find and was told that the airport could not do much. He decided to call back every day for a month to see if the money's rightful owner popped up, he told the station.

Eventually a man from El Paso, Texas, contacted the airport about losing the two envelopes. Gilbert, in turn, deposited the money into the man’s bank account.

“Cash money is very difficult to get back,” Ignacio Marquez, the man who dropped the envelops while sprinting to catch a flight, told the station. “I’m very appreciative to Mitch and his family. You do not find people life this.”

As far as Gilbert goes, he told the station he "felt like a million bucks" to be able give the money back to Marquez.

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