Cleveland EMS refused to help multiple gunshot victim over jurisdictional boundaries

The city of Cleveland is investigating the response procedure after police were forced to transport a man who was shot 16 times Friday after a city ambulance refused to assist, ABC 13 reported.

Cleveland Police said the ambulance declined to help because the shooting occurred in South Euclid, which is not in the Cleveland jurisdiction, according to body camera video.

"They got EMS coming but they're coming from South Euclid. Can we see if one of our guys can come over here a little faster?" police said in the video.

The police officers were assisting the man in the neighb

Despite the officers crossing over into the neighboring city to help the man, police said “our EMS won’t come.”

"Their EMS is coming from South Euclid. That's why I asked if they would come over here. They won't come because it's in your city. Even though it's our victim they won't come,” police said.

Police eventually decided to take matters into their own hands and rushed the shooting victim to a nearby hospital in one of their cruisers.

"Notify Euclid we're coming in with a male with gunshot wounds. It's taking too long for EMS to get here," officers said.

South Euclid is approximately 10 miles east from Cleveland, according to Google Maps.

The condition of the victim is unclear, the station reported.