Chihuahua fatally shot in Detroit, cops say neighbor felt dog was attacking

A 14-year-old says her Chihuahua, named JoJo, was shot and killed by a neighbor Tuesday afternoon on Asbury Park on Detroit's west side, reported.

The teen said she let her one-year-old dog out, then went inside.  When she came back out, her neighbor told her to put her dog in the house.

"When he saw my dog running out of the bushes, [he said], 'I'm going to handle him myself,' and then I guess my dog had run back up on him again, and he just shot him," the owner explained.

However, the neighbor has a license to carry, and police say he told them he felt he was being attacked by the dog that wasn't on a leash.

"[He] couldn't have [felt] threatened at all by this little Chihuahua," said the dog's owner.  "[The] dog is not big at all."

Detroit Dog Rescue took the dog away to be cremated, calling this a sad reality about pet ownership.

"My sympathy goes out to the young lady losing her dog.  It's a shame, and it shouldn't have happened, but also, too, this is a harsh reminder of responsibility," said Dante Dasaro from Detroit Dog Rescue.

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