A Chicago store was robbed of about $50,000 in merchandise on Monday when a group of thieves stole multiple designer handbags a day after the shop was featured in a profile on the local news, according to reports.

About 10 shoplifters hit Cynthia’s Consignments, located in the 2200 block of North Clybourn Avenue in Lincoln Park, at around 1:10 p.m., FOX32 Chicago reported.


The shop’s owner, Cynthia Dibuglione, told the outlet the store was busy when she buzzed in a male customer from outside. She said a group of 10 to 12 young men stormed into the store behind the man and ripped merchandise from her shelves before fleeing in waiting getaway cars.

"It was fast, it was so fast," she said. "It's like they've done this plenty of times before and unfortunately in the city of Chicago, there's no repercussions. None. Even if they do get them, they’ll be out tomorrow."

Cynthia's Consignments in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Shoplifters made off with about $50,000 in designer handbags from Cynthia's Consignments in Lincoln Park, Chicago, on Monday after the shop was featured in a profile on the local news, according to reports. (Google Maps)

Dibuglione’s shop was featured in a televised profile that WGN-TV aired just 24 hours before the robbery, CWB Chicago reported. The feature was posted on the station’s YouTube page but appeared to have been removed from the site following the robbery. 

Users who commented on videos of WGN’s coverage of the theft noted that the station had just profiled the shop.

"The same consignment shop featured a few days ago on WGN news segment?" one user wrote. "Wonder how someone thought to rob them knowing Chicago PD can't do anything."

Another wrote: "They never knew about this place until they put it on the news the other day..."

Dibuglione said that she’s been taking precautions against would-be robbers as the trend of smash-and-grabs continues in cities across the country, including the use of a buzzer system to let customers in and security cameras.

"I mean, what could I do differently," Dibuglione told FOX32. "And I had a house full of people here."


Chicago police told Fox News that no injuries were reported during the incident and that the robbers escaped in two vehicles – a silver or gray Chevrolet Impala and a black Honda Civic. 

Police said no one was in custody as of Tuesday morning as detectives continue to investigate the theft.

Through Dec. 26 last year, citywide thefts rose 21% year-to-date, with 12,789 reported compared to 10,567 in 2020, according to police statistics.