Chicago police sergeant under investigation for allegedly supporting a proposed conservative group

A Chicago Police Department spokesperson confirmed that Kessem is under an internal investigation.

The Chicago Police Department is conducting an internal investigation into a sergeant who voiced her support for the formation of a Turning Point USA chapter at an area high school.

Chicago Police Department Sergeant Ammie Kessem, who's also the 41st Ward Republican Committeeman in Chicago, voiced her support for the potential creation of a TPUSA chapter at William Howard Taft High School in Chicago on Dec. 9, stating on Facebook that several "brave students" are creating the high school chapter of the conservative group.

"Some brave students will be creating this Chapter of Turning Point USA tomorrow at William Howard Taft High School which is located on the Northwest side of Chicago in the 41st Ward. I could not be more proud of them," Kessem said. 

Kessem went on to say that conservatives in Chicago are often called "Nazis," "White Supremists" and "outright ‘racists.’"


Chicago, United States - June 26, 2013: People walk past police car on June 26, 2013 in Chicago. Chicago Police Department is one of oldest police forces in the world, dating back to 1837.

Chicago, United States - June 26, 2013: People walk past police car on June 26, 2013 in Chicago. (iStock)

"I am certain these students realize that this will almost certainly be scrutinized by the administration at this school which seems to embrace the Marxist views of a substantial amount of the Chicago Teacher’s union members," she continued.

Following Kessem making the post, a Chicago Police Department spokesperson confirmed to Fox News that she is now under an internal investigation into her alleged involvement in the formation of the TPUSA chapter.

The spokesperson declined to give any more details, citing the active investigation.

Kessem previously told the Chicago Sun-Times that she heard about the potential TPUSA chapter through her daughter who is a student at the school.

William Howard Taft High School (Credit: Google Maps) (William Howard Taft High School (Credit: Google Maps))


One day after Kessem made the post on Facebook, Melissa Hess, the assistant principal at William Howard Taft High School, tweeted that the administration was concerned with a student organization, but did not name TPUSA directly.

"We were disturbed to learn that an organization promoting racial intolerance has been associated with our school," Hess tweeted. "We are a community built on respect and inclusion, and one that rejects any organization that would seek to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or anything else."

"All student organizations must align with the Taft mission statement, which is to "educate global citizens to create a better world. Please know that the staff and administration at Taft will never tolerate the formation of any group that does not support these values," Hess added.

Kessem told Fox News that the Chicago Police Department did not notify her about the internal investigation, and said she was not on-duty when making the Facebook post in support of the TPUSA chapter. She added that the post was made in her personal capacity.

She believes that the investigation by the Chicago Police Department is "absolutely" an attack on her free speech and said that since she's been involved in politics, more complaints have been filed against her.

"Well, when you live in a city that's run by leftist radicals, I would say this is what you get. They try to cancel you if you have any kind of opinion that differs from theirs," Kessem said. 

Сhicago, USA - July 11, 2012: Chicago police patch on the arm of an officer.


TPUSA is a conservative student organization that has established over 1,000 chapters across 50 states, according to their website. The organization also has chapters at high schools around the country.

Fox News reached out to William Howard Taft High School for comment.