Caught on video: Driver prays for deputy during traffic stop

It was a first for Heard County, Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Wiggins. During a traffic stop, a man pulled up to the deputy to pray for him. The deputy admitted, he still is choked up by the encounter.

Deputy Wiggins did not know what to think when the man approached him while he was on a traffic stop. In dash cam video shared with FOX 5 Atlanta, Wiggins is on guard until he realized why the man was there.

Turns out, the man is actually the father of the driver who Deputy Wiggins pulled over for running a stop sign.

“God Bless you. I appreciate all you do for us," the man told Deputy Wiggins in the video when he said he was just going to issue a warning to his son.

“You got just a second? Would you like to have a word of prayer?” the man asked Wiggins in the dash cam video.

“Thank you. I’m at a loss for words, God Bless you and your family,” Wiggins told the man in the video.

Deputy Wiggins said he shared the dash cam video to show people still care about police.

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