Caught on video: Bumbling Kentucky arsonist mistakenly lights himself on fire

One suspected arsonist's attempts to torch a building backfired when he mistakenly went up in flames, surveillance footage revealed Monday.

The Madisonville, Kentucky Police Department posted a video of the Sunday morning incident, announcing they were looking for the suspected fire bug and an accomplice.

The video revealed a woman leaving a white Ford minivan and forcefully pounding an object at the front door of the building.

After the woman returned to the vehicle, the driver got out and tossed what appeared to be a Molotov cocktail toward the building’s entrance. After throwing a second bottle, an eruption of flames engulfed the suspect’s left leg and shorts.

The suspect was shown frantically sprinting away before another security camera caught him stumbling over his torched feet and falling onto a patch of gross next to the building before returning to the crime scene.

In a final attempt seen on the video, the suspect returned to the van, grabbed more flammable liquid and ignited a trail of flames leading to the front of the building. He then drove off, leaving behind a burst of black smoke.

“The Madisonville Police Department is seeking the assistance of our community partners in helping to identify two suspects who attempted to burn down a business in town,” the video’s opening message reads.

Madisonville police requested that anyone with information call the department or the Hopkins County Crime Stoppers.