California teen shot chasing her suspected carjacker

A 17-year-old in California chased her suspected carjacker, only for the man to pull out his gun and shoot her, hitting her below the collarbone on Monday, local media report.

Sarah Hogan said she definitely learned from the experience. She told Fox 2 she had mistakenly left her key in the ignition and went to chat with friends when they saw a man take off with her car in San Jose.

Hogan bolted after the car, eventually opening one of the doors when the vehicle was stopped at a red light, KGO reports.

"He immediately pulled out the gun and I was just shocked,” Hogan told Fox 2. She said he shot her from three feet away.

Hogan reportedly showed up to classes the very next day, her arm in a sling. Investigators say the suspect ran from the scene, and they've scanned the teen's car for fingerprints.

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