With a handcuff still dangling from his wrist, a Central California murder suspect was recaptured Thursday, nearly a week after he squirmed out of one cuff at Fresno police headquarters, whacked detectives with the restraint, and then climbed out a window to freedom, police said.

Last Friday evening, Ibn Lugman Haqq, 21, had one hand cuffed to a chair in a police interview room and was undergoing questioning about the murder of a 41-year-old man who was shot 10 times earlier this month at a Fresno apartment.

When the two detectives left the room briefly, he made a break for it.

"He slipped (the handcuff) off of the arm chair handle that he was cuffed to," said Fresno police spokesman Lt. Mark Hudson.

But the detectives spotted him and the three fought with Haqq using the restraint as a weapon in the fight.

Then Haqq kicked out the window screen, climbed out of the window and was gone, according to police. The two detectives were scraped and bruised in the battle.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Thursday the escape was due to "an honest mistake by good detectives that were trying to do their jobs."

On Thursday morning, police nabbed Haqq as he was leaving a Sacramento area apartment with his wife. He pulled his red hoodie over his head to shield his face, swore at officers and was uncooperative. But this time detectives got their guy — for good, police said.

"He was uncooperative and didn't really want to speak to detectives about anything," said Hudson. "I'm sure he was surprised because he was unaware we were going to be there."

Haqq is the suspect in the murder of Delon Agee, who was shot 10 times — nine rounds in the body and one in the head —on July 5.

It's not clear if Haqq has an attorney.

With the suspect back in custody, police have already made several departmental changes, including installing leg shackles that are bolted to the wall, to make sure an escape doesn't happen again. They have also installed new audio and video equipment in interview rooms. And they won't be using rooms with windows again, Hudson said. Haqq's escape also launched a personnel investigation.

Haqq will be charged with murder, assault with a deadly weapon on officers, and escape, said Hudson. His wife will be charged with being an accessory to murder, police said.

"We're glad to have him back in custody for sure," said Hudson.