Nudists in California were left without a clothing-optional beach after their primary spot, San Onofre's Trail 6, banned public nudity, but they aren't winning over supporters at their new site, either -- the Marine Corps' Camp Pendleton.

While there is no federal law banning nudity at the military base, it is illegal to trespass at the Camp Pendleton beach without authorization, the Orange County Register reports.

The nudists reportedly are claiming that state officials are following them onto the base and harassing them.

"You have rangers hiding within rocks, in trees, with cameras trying to take pictures," San Clemente resident John Squicciarini told the newspaper.

But state officials dispute the allegations and say they're merely enforcing the anti-nudity law.

The nudists also complain that Camp Pendleton officials are aiding the state rangers in an effort to rid the area of clothing-optional sunbathers.

While state and military officials provide mutual aid to each other occasionally, officials say there is no formal agreement in place between the two agencies, the Orange County Register reports.

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